Abstract 9


Whether you are a new or established collector, wish to purchase one special piece or build a collection, we will collaborate with you to understand your objectives, respect your aestheic sensibility, and optimize your budget.

  • Curate and moderate exhibitions, galleries, museums, and public spaces.
  • Art education to grow clients' breadth of knowledge. Topics range from history to research and analysis of art market sectors and value.
  • Introduce and guide clients to museums, galleries, and artist's studios based on their purviews.
  • Manage and organize client's collections in accordance with their acquisitional goals.
  • Promote client artwork through all avenues of the art world for the purpose of collection or sale.
  • Complement clients' collections with pieces acquired from artists directly, galleries, or auction houses.
  • Handle post-acquisition logistics, including transportation, installation, content-aware lighting, and invoicing.
  • Raise awareness and cultural exchange between the international and Chinese domestic art scene and market. Niche, locally respected Chinese contemporary art is commonly overlooked by international collectors.