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About Leila

Think about extraordinary public artworks that draw tourists from faraway places. The same awe and respect can be created on an intimate scale. When consulting with my clients, I first seek to educate and enhance their experience looking at and understanding art. This creates an appreciation for new forms of cultural experiences. Happiness, aesthetic enhancements, and even social change is possible through exposure to great works of art.

I have over 6 years of experience in the Chinese art market as both an art critic and consultant. With a commitment to connoisseurship and investment portfolio development, I advise both new and experienced collectors to build their art collections. The goal is to reflect the client’s personal vision, enhance their home or office environments, and diversify their investments. My purview encompasses different forms of media, with an expertise in Modern and Contemporary Art. I have long standing relationships with top Chinese art galleries, museums, auction houses, and artists. I often attend major art events to enrich my own knowledge on the current state of the art market.

I have advised corporate clients on contemporary art acquisitions and educational programs for their employees. Amongst my clients include the Fosun Foundation, Su Zhou Silk Museum, the Bound art Hotel, the Power Long Museum, and the Ping An Insurance Group. In addition, I have also advised private clients in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and San Diego.

I am a member of The Art Critic Group of China. I am also the founder of the Leila Art Consultants Company.